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    25 July 14


    HGBF 1/144 Gundam Exia Dark Matter

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    Images from: Schizophonic9
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    24 July 14


    I’m starting to think I might not be able to go to Japan, at least in August. There’s still a whole two weeks but the idea of trying to walk for more than 30 minutes a day just doesn’t seem doable. MCL sucks

    23 July 14

    It’s only been about a week

    And I forgot how to move up and down stairs normally, it also still hurts to try and move up and down stairs normally.

    21 July 14

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    Posted: 12:20 AM
    Posted: 12:06 AM

    The worse part is

    like my knee isn’t in extreme pain but there’s a lot of shooting pains if I do certain things, who knew the mcl was so important

    20 July 14

    Against my own better judgement

    I kind of want to drive to gilroy right now, if anything just to see if I can drive myself to work this next week

    17 July 14

this guy fieri cake is slowly destroying my life


    this guy fieri cake is slowly destroying my life

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    16 July 14

    Should I take pain killers. Nah

    Posted: 1:46 AM

    I haven’t gone to bed cause I Don’t want to try and get up out of the chairĀ 

    15 July 14



    Posted: 12:38 AM

    I popped my knee playing basket ball, feels weird, also basically a month till I go to Japan alone, that feels weird too

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